How do Social Security Benefits Work in Divorce?

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Every year, there are changes and amendments to marital laws in the United States. When these laws are updated or altered, the Social Security Administration takes the time to interpret how these changes will impact Social Security benefits during the divorce process. 

At Disability Experts of Florida, our service extends beyond helping those in need - we also aim to keep our readers and clients informed on industry news and potential changes to their Social Security benefits.

In this free guide, you will learn:

  • How Social Security benefits work during property division and divorce
  • About widow and widower Social Security benefits
  • How divorce affects benefits for same-sex and common-law marriages
  • About unique circumstances that affect your Social Security benefits during a divorce

Our guide on Social Security benefits and divorce contains all you need to know about the current marriage laws and circumstances that can cause a divorce to affect your Social Security benefits. To access the guide, fill out the form on this page!