The Ultimate Guide to Applying for Disability

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We understand that applying for disability benefits is a difficult process. There are often multiple working parts and documents that are necessary for filing an application which can be very confusing for you, the applicant.

The SSA has two programs you can apply for, and it is important to know which one you are eligible for (or both).

Luckily we here at Disability Experts of Florida have compiled a comprehensive guide on disability benefits, which contains everything you need to know and more to get started!

This free guide will provide you:

  • The requirements for SSDI and SSI benefits
  • Documents that you need to apply
  • Things that affect your benefits
  • Answers to common questions about disability benefits
  • Additional resources

Our ultimate guide will assist you through all of the difficult questions regarding the disability process. To download your free guide, fill out the form on this page!